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How to type Trademark, Registered and Copyright symbols?

TradeMark symbol – Alt + 0153
Registered symbol – Alt + 0174
Copyright symbol – Alt + 0169

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How do I change the format of an entire column?

To change the format of an entire column, you need to use the EntireColumn property to get the range of cells and
change the NumberFormat property of that specific range.

//Change the format for the entire column accordingly.
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range range = activeCell.EntireColumn;
if (isChangeToGeneralFormat)
range.NumberFormat = "General"; //format as General.
range.NumberFormat = "@"; //format as Text;

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Beach boys

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Even after uninstall .msi setup remains in the Add or Remove programs.

some times, you would be able to see that eventhough you uninstall any
msi installation using any automated ways, there are some traces of it
still in the machine and so the setup will not be removed from the
AddOrRemove programs.
You can use this method to remove this.
msizap.exe TP msi_file_name.msi
or else
msizap.exe TP {ProductCodeOfMSIFile}
This will remove all the traces of this in the registry and clean your machine with this setup.
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Posted by on December 8, 2009 in General, Windows